Coolant Tank Reservoir Kit


Coolant Tank Reservoir Kit

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The Coolant Tank Reservoir we carry in stock is the OES supplier from Germany. These are exactly like the OEM part. These come with and without the level sensor hole on the top of the tank. Make sure you check yours before ordering. If yours has a bung that is capping off your reservoir, order the tank with out the sensor hole. Some after market tanks came with a bung. We suggest replacing the tank as they never came like this from the factory and could be a potential are the tank could fail.Ā  If your Coolant Tank has wires and a sensor on top, order the tank with a sensor hole.We also suggest replacing the sensor and o’ring seal at the same time, as the sensor plastic can shrink and may not seal correctly.

Coolant Tank Caps

One other thing we highly suggest is to replace the coolant tank cap. The caps are made to allow pressure to release at a certain PSI / Bar rating. If the cap is not allowed to release the pressure you could damage your cooling system or at worse, blow a head gaskets. Out kits come with a new cap that is the same OES supplier for the Genuine Volkswagen part. This way you will have the piece of mind and not have to worry about damaging to your cooling system or engine.

Add Ons

We also have the tags (also included) that go on the tanks as seen in the photos. Check out the other decals and labels we have on our site located here: Mk1Mk2.

If you have a question or need something you don’t see, Email us. Please provide a square photo with measurements. Taking a photo with a tape measure next to the decal is prefered.

Part Numbers:
w/ Sensor Hole On Top: 171 121 407 F/ 17121407F
w/o Sensor Hole Top: 171 121 407 E/ 171121407E
Coolant Cap Part No.: 443 121 321 / 443121321
Coolant Cap Part No.: 171121321D / 171 121 321 D
Genuine G11 Coolant Part No,: ZVW 237 104 / ZVW237104

Fits all Mk1 & Mk2 with coolant tank reservoirs.

*NOTE 2: Coolant Tank Tags & cap is included with this order. You can click here if you want to order additional tags for your tank.
*NOTE 1: Level Sensor is not included, click here to order one with your tank.

Why you need a Coolant Tank?

Investing in a new coolant tank reservoir for your VW Scirocco is a decision that can significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your Scirocco. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider making this purchase:

Optimal Engine Cooling:

The coolant tank reservoir is vital for regulating the engine’s temperature. For example, it stores and circulates coolant fluid to prevent overheating, ensuring your engine operates at its best. A new reservoir ensures efficient cooling, safeguarding your engine against potential damage from excessive heat.

Maintains Proper Coolant Levels:

Over time, coolant tanks can develop cracks or leaks, leading to a drop in coolant levels. A new reservoir ensures that coolant levels are maintained at the appropriate level. Furthermore, this prevents issues like overheating and engine damage associated with low coolant levels.

Prevents Costly Repairs:

Addressing potential issues with your coolant tank reservoir proactively can prevent more extensive and expensive repairs in the future. Ignoring signs of a failing reservoir, such as coolant leaks, can lead to severe engine damage and costly repairs. Investing in a new reservoir now can save you from facing these expenses later on.

Enhances Vehicle Reliability:

A well-functioning cooling system is essential for the overall reliability of your vehicle. By replacing your coolant tank reservoir, you’re ensuring that your vehicle’s engine operates smoothly and efficiently, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensuring a dependable driving experience.

Commitment to Maintenance and Safety:

Purchasing a new coolant tank reservoir demonstrates your commitment to vehicle maintenance and safety. By addressing potential issues promptly and using genuine replacement parts, you’re prioritizing the safety and longevity of your VW Scirocco.

In conclusion, investing in a new coolant tank reservoir for your VW Scirocco is a smart decision that ensures optimal engine cooling, prevents costly repairs, enhances vehicle reliability, and underscores your commitment to maintenance and safety. Upgrade your vehicle’s cooling system today for a smoother, more dependable driving experience.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 7 in
Tank Type

w/ Sensor Hole, w/o Sensor Hole


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