Genuine VW Multiple Use Holding Strap


Genuine VW Multiple Use Holding Strap

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The Genuine VW Multiple Use Holding Strap is for many different applications. There are many other applications for this strap. For example, the strap holds the jack and/or tool kit in place. Additionally, it is used on the First Aid Kit on a Mk2 Scirocco. Furthermore, VW utilized these straps to affix the Mk1 Scirocco S tool bag to the rear of the trunk.

This Genuine VW Multiple Use Holding Strap is for other applications as well. It comes with a 20mm wide, vulcanized rubber strap and yellow zinc plated hooks on either end. The strap is approx 240mm long from inside hook to hook. It can stretch to around 300-310mm.

This is one item that need to replace if your jack or first aid kit is not secured firmly in place. Allowing these items to rattle or roll around while driving could also damage other components in your Scirocco.

Part numbers:
171011247A / 171 011 247 A – Original
171011247C / 171 011 247 C- Superseded
191011247A / 191 011 247 A – Superseded
191011247B / 191 011 247 B – Superseded
8A0011247 / 8A0 011 247 – Latest Part Number

Why should I buy a Holding Strap?

The VW Jack Holding Strap for your Scirocco is an essential accessory that ensures safety and convenience whenever you need to change a tire or perform maintenance on your vehicle. This sturdy and reliable strap is specifically for your VW Scirocco, guaranteeing a perfect fit and peace of mind.

By investing in this Holding Strap, you are prioritizing the safety of yourself and your vehicle. In the unfortunate event of a flat tire or roadside emergency, this strap ensures that your jack remains securely in place, minimizing any risks during the tire-changing process. The durable materials used in the construction of this strap also ensure its longevity and effectiveness.

Additionally, by owning this official VW accessory, you are demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the authenticity and quality of your Scirocco. It’s a small yet crucial investment that will prove its worth time and time again. Don’t compromise on safety or convenience; equip your Scirocco with a Holding Strap today.