Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch


Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch

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Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch

Our Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch are 3 positions. 0 = off, 1 = Front Fog Lights, &  2 = Rear Fog Light.  Made by the NOS OES manufacturer, Magneti Marelli. Replace your old switch in your European Scirocco…. or…. Install this in your North America market Scirocco and run the wires to the front and rearfogs. The OEM tail light housings already have the provision for the rear fog lights. All you need to do is drill out the housing blank where the rear fog light mounts and install a 8w bulb.  Any fog light on the front of the vehilce will work. We highly reccomend using a relay as there is much too much resistance in the wiring and switch. Not using a relay for the front fog lights will damage the switch.

Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch

Mk2 Scirocco Fog Light Switch

Removing the switch and checking for minor cracks on the switch case is a good sign of a bad switch. Another sign is burnt contacts on the back of the switch, the electrical connector, or the wiring exiting the connector.

Replacing this switch can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in wiring repairs, as well a lot of headaches.

Part Number:
321 941 535 B / 321941535B

Fits the following vehicles:
Volkswagen Mk2 Scirocco 1982-1992

Also fits:
Mk1 Jetta 1980-1984
Mk1 / Mk1.5 Cabriolet w/ late model dash
Must have the same switch types to fit in your vehicle. Check your application before ordering. You can also contact us if you have questions.

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