Mk2 Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster Screw


Mk2 Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster Screw

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Mk2 Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster Screw

Our Mk2 Scirocco European headlight adjuster screw replaces your rusty and stripped adjusters with brand new Genuine OEM Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster Screw.

Please read this entire description before purchasing. There is a lot of information associated with these adjusters in this description.


  • Example of an assembled adjuster *Plastic mounts not included.

    Find a flat dry surface with room to spin the headlight housing.

  • Put a microfiber or soft towel down on the flat surface.
  • Place the headlamp face down on the towel.
  • Make note of the location of each adjuster screw, pivot mounts, and approx adjustment.
  • Remove the OEM mounting clips from the rear headlight bracket. (Pliers work well)
  • Remove the OEM pivot clips from the back of the headlamp.
  • Put a small amount of lithium or bearingĀ  grease on the ball end and wipe any excess off.
  • Place the WRC Mk2 Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster clip open end up on a flat surface and insert the ball end. Press down carefully. You should feel it ‘pop’ into the socket.
  • Screw the headlight mounting clips onto the threaded end. Make them all even close to where you noted the OEM clips during disassembly.
  • Install the assembled WRC Mk2 Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster on the headlight mounting plate.
  • Line up each hole to the ball end clip.
  • Press each ball end clip into the headlamp mounting hole very slow. You will hear a click. Do not press any harder
  • Continue with the other 5 until they are all installed.

NOTE: Ball End Clips:

When installing, you must insert the ball end screws into the WCR plastic clips prior to installing them into the headlamp bracket. If you try and install the clip first, then try and install the ball end, it will break.

No. Part Numbers Beam Placement & Type Qty
#7 533 941 133 / 533941133 Low – Mount – 33mm 1
#8 533 941 141 / 533941141 Low – Adjuster – 43mm 2
#7A 533 941 133 A / 533941133A High – Mount – 33mm 1
#8A 533 941 141 A / 533941141A High – Adjuster – 43mm 2


*Info Scirocco European Headlight Adjuster Screw

*Does not include headlights, headlight bracket, or headlight mounts.
*The short screws are for anchors only, however they do have philips head adjusters on them. Make sure you do not use these for adjusting. They should mount in the same location as the static OEM mounts which are not adjustable. Measure your OEM mounts and make them the same lengths. you must use new adjuster mounts to make these work. Additionally, make note of that by marking the front philips hard with a Sharpie.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1 in

Long – 44mm, Short – 33mm

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