VW Teardrop Wheels – Refinished – 321601025N


VW Teardrop Wheels – Refinished
PN: 321601025N / 321601025NBJN / 321 601 025 N BJN
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VW Teardrop Wheels – Refinished

VW Teardrop Info:

Part Number PN321601025N / 321601025NBJN / 321 601 025 N BJN
Wheel OEM VW Teardrop Wheels
Size 14″ x 6.0″
ET / Offset 38mm / ET38
Refinished Diamond Cut
Finish Powder Coated Barrels and Teardrops

*Caps are not included


In this paragraph we will talk about the process of refinishing VW Teardrop wheels.

First, we check for trueness. We chuck the wheel on a on a tire balancer without the tire on it. If the wheel is more than 2oz off, we reject it. We also look for cosmetic blemishes at the same time. For example, we will not use a wheel with a bend or a chunk of aluminum too deep. Any bent or cracked wheels are always rejected.

Second, the repair process starts. Anything that needs to be repaired prior to finishing is done at this step. Any shallow blemishes are filled with aluminum weld and resurfaced on our wheel lathe.

Third, we strip the wheel in a acid etch bath which will remove all coatings and surface contaminants.Ā  Then, we outgas the wheel at 350Āŗ for 10 minutes. This removes moisture, oils, or solvents that can be trapped in the aluminum. This prevents bubbles in the powder. The wheel is set aside to cool and media blasted to further ensure adhesion. We mask off the center bore holes and prep the wheels with pre-powder prepĀ  and powder coat the entire wheel.

Next, after the wheel is cool, we have the faces CNC diamond cut, which removes the powder in the areas we do not want. The wheel is mounts to a special wheel lathe and maps the face with a probe. This writes a CAD file to the machine allowing the machine to know where to cut.

For the last step, we powder coat the face with clear coat. This clear coat provides a wet look, making it easy to clean and protects the raw diamond cut aluminum and dark gray powder coat.

*Additional Info:

Wheels do not come with center caps, as they do not match the OEM finish. We are currently working on this and will update this listing as they become available.

You can buy our wheels with or without a core. You can find these wheels on Craigslist or eBay for a reasonable price.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in