WCR Mk2 European Headlight Adjuster Clips

WRC’s Mk2 Scirocco European headlight adjuster kits are now in stock. These clips replace your broken clips with newly redesigned units. Made in house at WRC North.

We drew up extremely detailed CAD files of these European Headlight Adjuster Clips here at West Coast Roccos. While doing so, we redesigned and changed the tolerances to make them easier to install. They also retain a nice tight fit, just like OEM. We also updated the designs to be stronger, which makes them less likely to break when installing them. The pivot ball clips are very similar to the OEM clips, slightly thicker, with same rotation of the OEM ball end screws. These are also not as brittle as the OEM units. Most importantly, the low and high beam frame mounting clips are already tapped with threads, ready to install. These are ready to install into your ball end screws upon arrival.

We have two options, if you need a whole new kit, or just rebuild the ones you already have.  Click her for the headlight clip kit or click here for  ball end adjuster pivot clip kit only.

These kits do not include headlights, headlight bracket, ball end pivots or adjuster screws. Some clips may be a different colors (Gray, black, or white) due to availability of materials. Most of our clips will be white or gray, but they will all be the same color.

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