New Scirocco Products

New Scirocco Products: Reinforced Exhaust Hanger & Power Steering Reservoir Filters

Our Reinforced Exhaust Hangers are now in stock. These are manufactured with a chain inside. This will prevent the hanger from braking and will never allow your exhaust to hit the ground. Manufactured to fit in the OEM mounting locations on Mk1 & Mk2 VW Sciroccos 8v & 16v. We also have OEM style Mk2 muffler hangers in stock as well

Another product we now carry is genuine OES power steering reservoir filters. Due to the fact that our power steering racks are no longer available, you’re going to want to preserve it for as long as possible. By replacing your power steering reservoir filter, this will keep your hydraulic fluid clean and prevent any damage to your sensitive power steering system.

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