Rebuildable 020 Relay Shaft Levers – Now Available!

WCR ia happy to announce that our Bullet Proof Rebuildable 020 Relay Shaft Levers are now available for sale. Our relay levers are made from Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber (PC-CF). Designed and manufactured in house at WCR North.These fit all Mk1 & Mk2 Scirocco w/ a 5 speed 020 transmission.They will also fit Mk1 Rabbit, Mk1 Jetta, Mk1 Rabbit Convertible, Mk1 & Mk1.5 Cabriolet, & Mk1 Caddy / Pickup  platforms with a 020 5 speed. Click on the link to see all years and models. These relay levers are made with rebuildable ball ends, which are also available.

How We Make Our Rebuildable 020 Relay Shaft Levers…

The PC-CF construction of our Rebuildable 020 Relay Shaft Levers has a much higher wear resistance than the OEM rubber relay lever. Furthermore, the PC-CF has a much lower friction coefficient. This material allows the ball end to glide much easier than the OEM rubber. Another aspect of the PC-CF relay lever is that it is very light weight and is extremely high strength. Lastly, ouf PC-CF material has very high thermal resistance up to 200ºc / 392ºf. This requires special equipment that WCR has invested in to be able to make products like this for our customer.  As polycarbonate is used in bullet proof glass, we’ve branded this as bullet proof.

Click on this link to purchase your kit today.

Note: Photos below are V1.0 durring our R&D. V2.0 kist comes with a more rounded ball end.

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