Now Available Mk2 Scirocco Subwoofer Enclosure

Our Mk2 Scirocco Subwoofer Enclosure are made in house at WCR South in California.

These sub enclosures are designed to fit perfectly in the right trunk pocket of your 1982-

1992 Mk2 Volkswagen Scirocco.

We built an enclosure to fit inside this void. Then we casted the area around the void so the subwoofer enclosure fits perfectly. After that, we hand crafted a silicone clam shell mother mold for production use.

After the mold was complete, we are able to cast fiberglass enclosures for your Scirocco. These are painstakingly made one at a time to ensure the quality is perfect. Furthermore, once installed, there zero interference with the rear parcel tray. This makes your sub easily concealable.

Our Mk2 Scirocco Subwoofer Enclosure comes raw, with 1630 epoxy gel coat. If you would like to add your own ports, you can easily cut a hole in the back with a hole saw. Seal the terminals with silicone once you install it. Also fill the enclosure about 50% with polyfill (pillow stuffing). These can be carpeted or sanded, primed and painting to a gloss finish as well. Do not silicone your subwoofer to this inclosure. Doing so could damage your sub or your enclosure.

Carpet, subwoofer, wire port terminal, and polyfill are not included.

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