Quick Diagnostic for Scirocco Crank, No Start Situations

Late Mk2 Scirocco Fuse Box

Here is a quick diagnostic tip for scirocco crank no start situations. Remove the fuel pump relay from your fuse box. Make a jumper wire with a male spade on either end of a 12-14 gauge wire.Ā Put the jumper in the slots with the terminal that is opposite from the others (14) and the one directly across from that (13). This is the power to turn the fuel pump on and off for this relay. (see the Mk2 diagram) Mk1 relays are above that location and have the identical pin out.

Once you have this plugged in, you should hear the fump pump turn on. Crank the engine over right away or else it will flood the engine.

Mk1 & Early Mk2 Example. * Remove the relay on the bypass connection panel on top of the fuse box. The pin out looks the same as the late Mk2 diagram above.

If the vehicle starts, you have a few different issues:

  1. Ignition switch is bad. This is easy to replace and fairly in expensive. Remove the switch and inspect it. If you se any cracks in the plastic, replace the switch and test it before reinstalling. If that all seams ok, see #2
  2. The lead to the ignition coil is not connected or the ignition coil is bad. Typically its a green wire that connects the fuel pump relay to the ignition coil. That wire tells the fuel pump to prime when you turn the ignition on. It also tells it to say on once the ignition coil is on and the engine is running. Check that wire and repair if nessesary. If that all seams ok, then see #3
  3. Fuel pump relay is bad – Replace the relay. These are expensive but sometimes you need to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

If it’s not one of these problems, then you have more problems than just some bad components. For example, a bad fuse box, wiring issues to the fuel pump, or even a bad fuel pump. 95% of the time, this is the problem with Scirocco crank no start situations.


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