Cable Reinforced Exhaust Hangers – Mk1 & Mk2


Cable Reinforced Exhaust Hanger

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Our Cable Reinforced Exhaust Hangers are cast with a aircraft cable inside. This will prevent the hanger from braking and will never allow your exhaust to hit the ground. Less expensive that the chain hangers. Cable Reinforced Exhaust Hangers are manufactured with HD rubber and are much stipper than the OEM part. These are a little more difficult to put on. Use WD-40 or a light lube that will evaporate. Manufactured to fit in the OEM mounting locations.Once they are installed, these will be the last exhaust hangers you will ever have to replace on your Scirocco.

Fits – All Mk1 Sciroccos, Mk2 Scirocco 8v exhaust systems, & Mk2 Scirocco 16v mid pipes.
* Mk2 OEM mufflers uses a different mount, located here.

Mk1 8v -Per Car: 3
Mk2 8v – Per Car: 3
Mk2 16v – Per Car: 1

PN Reference:
Mk1 8v – 8A0 253 147 A / 8A0253147A
Mk2 8v / 16v Mid Pipe – 4A0 253 147 A / 4A0253147A / 171253147G / 171 253 147 G
Mk2 16v Muffler Hanger – > Click Here <

Why should you buy a Cable Reinforced Exhaust Hanger?

Are you looking to take your VW Scirocco to the next level? It’s time to consider upgrading to metal chain reinforced exhaust hangers! Here’s why:

Durability. Metal cable reinforced hangers are much stronger and more durable than traditional rubber hangers. They can withstand high temperatures and rough road conditions, ensuring your exhaust system stays securely in place for longer.

Improved Performance. By reducing exhaust movement and vibrations, these hangers can help optimize your Scirocco’s performance. Furthermore, you may experience better exhaust flow, which can lead to improved horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Enhanced OEM Look. Aircraft cable reinforced hangers functional. However, they also look 100% OEM for your Scirocco’s restoration.

Upgrade to cable reinforced exhaust hangers today and enjoy knowing that your exhaust will never fall on your VW Scirocco!

Additional information

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