Hella Rear Fog Light Housing


Hella Rear Fog Light Housing

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Hella Rear Fog Light Housing

Our Hella Rear Fog Light Housing are Made in Germany by the OES manufacturer. These New Old Stock (NOS) lenses are new, unused in the box and ready to ship. Firstly, these are typically installed on Mk1 platform vehicles. We have seen the installed on Mk2s as well, however the Mk2 Scirocco already has this provision built into the OEM tail light lens. See our Mk2 Fog Light SwitchĀ for more info.

The rear fog light OE location is on the left lens for left hand drive vehicles. You will have to wire this to your switch and power source. Wires are not included. There are connectors inside the lens housing. Furthermore, there is a grommet on the back for wires to exit from. Next, we recommend using 12-14 gauge wire and a 8w 700-900 lumen equivalent LED bulb. Furthermore, you can also use a 5w standard incandescent bulb. The bulb type used is a 5007. In conclusion, if you live in an area that regularly has fog, this is a must for your Scirocco.

OEM Part Number:
VW / Audi : 111 945 701 / 111945701
VW: 211 941 701 / 211941701
Porsche: 91163125129 / 911 631 251 29

  • – 2NE 002 985-001
  • – 2NE 002 985-005
  • – 2NE 002 985-007
  • – 2NE 002 985-891
  • – E1 8465
  • – E1 8466

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Mk1 & Mk2 Sciroccos
  • Volkswagen Audi, & Porsche with a mounting location under the rearĀ bumper

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