Ignition Switch


Scirocco Ignition Switch – Mk1 & Mk2

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Scirocco Ignition Switch – Mk1 & Mk2

Ignition SwitchThis OES Mk1 & Mk2 ignition switches is made by the original manufacturer supplier. These ignition switch are known to fail. Some of the symptoms are a no start situation or the engine starts, then stop. Most symptoms look like a bad fuel pump, or fuel pump relay. Furthermore, this is sometimes not the case. Removing the switch and checking for minor cracks on the switch case is a good sign of a bad switch. Replacing this inexpensive part can save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of headache. Item #5 in photo diagram.

Part Number:
111 905 865 L / 111905865L

Fits the following vehicles:

Volkswagen Scirocco 1975βˆ’1988

Also Fits:
4000 1980βˆ’1987
4000 Quattro 1984βˆ’1987
Coupe 1981βˆ’1987
Quattro 1984βˆ’1985


914 1975βˆ’1976
924 1977βˆ’1982
924 1987βˆ’1988
944 1983βˆ’1984


4 1 2 1 9 7 4
Beetle 1974βˆ’1979
Cabriolet 1985βˆ’1993
Dasher 1978βˆ’1981
Fox 1987βˆ’1991
Golf 1985βˆ’1992
Jetta 1980βˆ’1990
Quantum 1982βˆ’1988
Rabbit 1975βˆ’1984
Rabbit Convertible 1980βˆ’1984
Rabbit Pickup 1980βˆ’1983
Super Beetle 1975βˆ’1980
Thing 1974
Transporter 1974βˆ’1979
Transporter 1985βˆ’1992
Vanagon 1980βˆ’1991

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