Oil Pressure Switch


Oil Pressure Switch


Oil Pressure Switch

This OIl Pressure Switch is Hella brand, the Genuine OES supplier to Volkswagen. This lets you know if the oil pressure is too high or low in your Scirocco. Comes in two different options.

Blue top (same as brown) is a 1.8 bar switch (26 psi) – High pressure
White top is a 0.25 bar switch (3.6 psi) – Low Pressure

The color is important or else your oil pressure light will come on when it’s not suppose to. These are located directly on top of the oil filter housing or on the side or rear of the cylinder head. The threads are M10x1 thread pitch. Comes with a sealing ring as well.


Part Numbers:

  • Blue / Brown: 028 919 081 D / 028919081D
  • White: 056 919 081 E /056919081E

Before Replacing Check these as it could be a different problem:

  • Check the Body, Engine & Transmission grounds. Make sure they are not corroded, anchors are tight and the cable is not frayed.
  • Under dash grounds – it could be a faulty or corroded ground tree
  • Inspect the wiring to the gauge cluster and from and to the switches. If the connection is bad, it could preaturly cause a false reading.

Firstly, replacing the oil pressure switch in your VW Scirocco was vital to maintaining the proper functioning of your vehicle. This component played a crucial role in monitoring the oil pressure levels in your engine. Secondly, this alerts you to any potential issues that could lead to engine damage or failure if left unresolved. By replacing the switch, you were able to prevent costly repairs down the road. This will maintain the health and performance of your car. Additionally, regular maintenance of this part helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns. Furthermore, it will ensured a smoother driving experience during your ownership of the vehicle.

Trusting a professional to replace this pressure switch gave you peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle was in optimal condition throughout your ownership experience. For example, taking proactive steps to address this component, you were able to extend the lifespan of your VW Scirocco and potentially avoid more serious mechanical issues in the future. In conclusion, if you prioritize the replacement of the oil pressure switch showcased your dedication to proper vehicle maintenance and safety.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
Switch Color

Blue / Brown, White