Mk2 Scirocco Grill Badges


Mk2 Scirocco 16v Badges

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Mk2 Scirocco Grill Badges
16v • 8v • VR6 – by WCR

Our Mk2 Scirocco Grill Badges are made in house here at West Coast Roccos. We make these 100% accurate badges with the exact same look and feel as the same OEM badges. We even have the same PN 533853679 / 533 853 679 on the back. Same size, logo, feel, etc. These badges came on the 1986.5+ Mk2 Volkswagen Scirocco. We have over 100 hours of R&D invested in these badges, to ensure the exact fit and look you would expect from a OEM part. We also have refrigerator magnets of these.

Scirocco Grill Badges Process

These badges print on a extremely high end 4k resolution printer 3d printer. First we print the badges. Secondly, we clean, wash and prep. Next, we QC every badge by hand. This assures that our quality control is perfect for each unit we make.

Thirdly, we apply our top layer of color. This badge is OEM Mars Red LA3A, exactly like the OEM badge. We print with a proprietary resin based epoxy ink to print the perfect match of color. As a result,  the process ensures the colors will not fade and will be abrasion resistant. Just incase you have dirt on the badge, for instance. Furthermore, this allows the finish better than the original OEM units, which were known to fade over time. The color prints on the 3M Crystal Clear vinyl. We die cut the prints to the exact dimension. Last, we apply each color decal by hand, ensuring further quality control.

These badges directly clip on your grill, just like the OEM badges. These badges are hard to find, because they stopped making them years ago. Everyone seems to look for these, to complete their Mk2 Scirocco project. Just contact VW and ask.


Priority shipping is free. For additional security, we shrink wrap the badge with foam and pack additional layers of foam layers in a small priority flat rate box with a tracking number.

*** Note: We make these in a very small batches / limited production runs. Typically about 5-10 a year. As we do not like keeping items like this on the shelf, all surplus badges that we do not use, are for sale. Our next production run may not be up to a year. IF you have questions feel free to contact us.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Engine Badge

16v Badge, 8v Badge, VR6 Badge