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Scirocco Badge Grommets

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Scirocco Badge Grommets

Our emblem or badge grommets are for securing the badges on your Scirocco’s hatch. These are 3d printed, in house, specifically for your Mk1 or Mk2 Scirocco. We made ours black to blend in better.

Our kits come with either 10 grommets for Mk1 or 15 grommets for Mk2. This way, you will have a few extras for your Scirocco, just in case.

Each badge has a different quantity of grommets. Here is the break down below:

‘Scirocco’ Badge – Mk1 & Mk2 – Qty: 3
VOLKSWAGEN‘ Badge – Mk1 & Mk2 – Qty: 3
’16V’ Badge – Mk2 – Qty: 2
‘VW’ Roundel Badge – Mk2 – Qty: 2

SOLD IN PACKS OF 5 Grommets – Qty 1 = 5 Grommets

Part No.: 191853615A / 191 853 615 A

What is a Badge Grommet for?

A Scirocco Badge Grommet is a small plastic piece that is used primarily in automotive applications. Specifically, it is a component that is utilized in the attachment of a badge or emblem on the rear hatch of a Volkswagen Scirocco.

The purpose of a Scirocco Badge Grommet is to provide a secure and stable mounting point for the badge or emblem. It helps to absorb vibrations and shocks, preventing the badge from becoming loose or falling off while the vehicle is in motion. This not only ensures the badge remains in its proper position, but also helps to maintain the vehicle’s aesthetic appearance.

The Scirocco Badge Grommet is typically made from a durable and weather-resistant material to withstand various environmental conditions such as heat, cold, and moisture. It is designed to be inserted into the body where the badge or emblem is intended to be attached. The grommet features a hole or a slot in the center where the attachment pin or stud on the back of the badge is inserted.

Overall, the Scirocco Badge Grommet provides a functional and secure solution for attaching badges or emblems to the rear hatch of Volkswagen Scirocco vehicles. This will ensure they stay in place and contribute to the vehicle’s branding and visual appeal.

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