Scirocco K-Bar


Scirocco K-Bar

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The Mk2 Scirocco K-Bar we restore in house are powder coated gloss black. These are also known as tie bars or stress bars. This mounts between the front lower control arms using the front control arm bolts. Rear Scirocco K-Bar mounts are secured with 8mm bolts, not included. These bar came from the factory on 1986-1992 MK2 Scirocco 16v.

Scirocco K-BarIf your Scirocco does not have this bar from the factory, you will need t0 drill two holes for the rear mounts. We use a 3/8″ or 9mm drill bit. Front mounts use the same OE control arm bolts no matter what platform The size is M12 X 1,5 X 90mm long. Rear mounts secure with the following hardware:

M8 x 20mm bolt – Part Number: N10155901 / N 101 559 01
M8 Self Locking Nut- Part Number: N90074401 / N 900 744 01

OE Part NumberL 155407211 / 155 407 211

Fits Mk2 & Mk1 Scirocco . Also fits the following A1 chassis vehicles:

Golf / Rabbit – 1974-1984
Rabbit Convertible 1980-1984
Cabriolet – 1985-1993
Caddy / Pickup – 1979-1984
Jetta / GLI –Ā  1980-1984

What does the Scirocco K-Bar do?

The Mk2 Scirocco 16v lower k-bar is a popular aftermarket modification for Mk1 Volkswagen vehicle owners. This is due to several reasons, as explained below.


Firstly, the lower k-bar helps improve the overall stability and handling of the Scirocco. It reduces the chassis flex and increases rigidity, which translates into better cornering performance and improved road holding capabilities. This is particularly beneficial for enthusiasts who enjoy spirited driving and want to achieve optimal performance from their Scirocco.


Secondly, the lower k-bar enhances the steering response and precision of the Scirocco. By reducing the chassis flex, it helps to minimize the subtle delays and imprecisions in the steering system, resulting in a more direct and responsive feel. This is beneficial not only during high-speed maneuvers but also in everyday driving, as it enhances the overall driving experience and confidence.

Body Roll

Additionally, the Mk2 Scirocco 16v lower k-bar also helps to reduce body roll during cornering. This improves the balance and stability of the vehicle, making it more predictable and controllable in dynamic situations. This is particularly important for those who enjoy track days or participate in autocross events, where minimizing body roll is crucial for achieving faster lap times.


In conclusion, the Mk2 Scirocco 16v lower k-bar is a beneficial modification for Scirocco owners who seek improved stability, enhanced steering response, reduced body roll, and a more aggressive appearance. It adds both performance and style to the Scirocco, enhancing the overall driving experience for enthusiasts.

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