Mk1 / Mk2 VW Fuel Filler Neck Hose


Filler Neck Hoses

Meister Werks Mk1 Filler Neck Hoses are cut to the exact size for your Mk1 filler neck to gas tank connecter hose. Optional standard hose clamps or T-Bolt clamps. See below for sizes. Please read all the notes below.*

Hose Clamps * 


Fuel Filler Neck Hose

Mk1 or Mk2 VW Fuel Filler Neck Hose are the perfect solution for a Scirocco fuel tank hose problems. Reinforced, fuel grade hose, made for gasoline or diesel fuel. Optional hose clamps available.


Hose ID
40 mm / 1.574″
Hose Thickness
5 mm / .197″
Hose OD
50mm – 1.968″ OD”
Model & Year Size Part Number
Mk1 Golf / Rabbit 1975 – 1980 (German Made) 165 mm / 6.5″ N 901 196 01
Mk1 Golf / Rabbit 1980 – 1984 (US Made) 406 mm / 16″ N 901 196 02
Pickup / Caddy 1979 – 1992 165 mm / 6.5″ N 901 196 01
Jetta 1979 – 1984 165 mm / 6.5″ N 901 196 01
Rabbit Convertible 1979 – 1984 165 mm / 6.5″ N 901 196 01
Mk1 Scirocco 1974 -1984 165 mm / 6.5″ N 901 196 01
Cabriolet 1985 – 1993 214 mm / 9.5″ 533 201 219
Mk2 Scirocco 1985 – 1989 214 mm / 9.5″ 533 201 219

*** Installation *** Please Read Before Ordering ***

Make sure that your tank is not full. If it is full, you will need something to catch, depending on how full your tank is. Performing this repair with close to a empty tank is highly recommended. Check your fuel gauge so you know approx how much fuel is in the tank.

  • Make sure you use eye protection before removing the hose. Some will come out, even if you have a near empty the tank.
  • To drain the tank:
    • Use a clean 5 gallon buckets made from HDPR or PR, or suitable catch for the fuel. Make sure you have more catch volume than you need.
    • Remove the small hose on the right side of the tank that goes to the fuel pump.
    • Allow it to drain 100% before removing the filler neck hose.
  • Remove the hose clamps and old filler neck hose.
    • Start on the tank side, incase there is any fuel in the hose.
    • This will drain first. If you do the neck side first, fuel may get all over you and the ground.
  • To install the new hose, we suggest using a petroleum lubricant. We use either a silicone based spray or WD-40 to install the new hose.
    • These hoses are tight and to require a some force to install. This insures a tight, leak free hose.
  • Install the tank side first.
  • Install the clamps, making note on what side you want the screws on for when you’re tightening them.
  • Now, install the filler neck side.
  • If you opt for the SS t-bolt you may want to trim off the end of the t-bolt, as they may stick out. However it’s mostly for aesthetic purposes.
  • Once everthing is installed, pour in 2-3 gallons / 7.5-11L of fuel.
  • Check the hose and make sure it’s not leaking.


Questions about VW Fuel Filler Neck Hose? Email us and we can get back to you with any information you need. You can also pick up in person are our WCR North location in the Seattle Area


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Fuel Hose Sizes

6.5" – N 901 196 01, 9.5"-533 201 219, Hose Size, 16" – N 901 196 02


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