Mk1 Scirocco Hatch Strut – 531827550b


Mk1 Scirocco Hatch Strut • Manufactured by Stabilus • Same Supplier & OEM Tooling
Price Each – Sold Individually – 2 Shocks Per Car
PN: 531827550b / 531 827 550 B

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Mk1 Scirocco Hatch Strut

Mk1 Scirocco Hatch Strut are manufactured by Stabilus – Same supplier & OEM tooling
Sold Individually – 2 Shocks Per Car
PN: 531827550b / 531 827 550 B


STROKE7.23″ / 184mm

BODY CONNECTION BLADE – Hole: .340″ / .860mm
SHAFT CONNECTION  BLADE – Hole: .340″ / .860mm
COMPRESSED LENGTH 12.41″ / 315mm
EXTENDED LENGTH 19.7″ / 500mm
FORCE 72 lbs / 32.6kg

About Sabilus

Stabilus products boost safety and convenience all around vehicles. Through easy and intuitive opening, holding, and lowering of hoods, tailgates and trunks. Furthermore, the Mk1 Scirocco Hatch Strut also feature long service life and high reliability in all weathers.

Applications in Automotive Manufacturing

Innovations with Tradition for High-End Automobiles
Stabilus Hatch Strut Gas springs and hydraulic dampers have become a staple in automotive design. As a result, these indispensable construction elements can be found in the vehicle. When easy and safe mobility, a defined motion sequence, or gentle damping of vibrations is required.

Stabilus Competence
Through targeted product development, we have been able to meet the increasing comfort requirements of automotive customers for more than 60 years. Compact design, high functional comfort and integrated operating safety continuously expand the range of applications for Stabilus products in automobile manufacturing.

Comfortable Protection through Innovative Technology
The moving parts of the body are among the most highly stressed components of the vehicle. Uncontrolled forces promote premature wear. Also our product line with its large variety of combinations provides gas springs and dampers as innovative design elements that adapt to the highest requirements and open up many new possibilities. This will also increase the user-friendliness of the vehicle and save its body from wear and tear.