Identifying Gauge Cluster Issues

Identifying Gauge Cluster Issues

Are your having problems identifying gauge cluster issues on your Scirocco? If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you might need a new gauge cluster voltage regulator:

  • Temperature gauge is not reading properly.
  • Fuel gauge will not display 100% full.
  • Tachometer needle is bouncing.
  • Gauge cluster is not turning on.
  • Light are flickering.
  • Burn marks in flexible circuit board.

Testing Your Regulator Gauge Cluster Issues

To test the regulator, just gain access to the back of your gauge cluster and keep it plugged in. Find the little regulator that looks like the one in the photo above. Turn on your multimeter to V – DC 00.00. The symbol looks like this. Connect your multimeter’s ground to the chassis. Turn the vehicle on, but do not start the car. With the positive lead touch each lead on the regulator. One should be 3.3v, one 12-13v, one should be 0 (ground) If your voltage should 3.3v Ā±0.3v max. If it is outside that range, you may need a new gauge cluster voltage regulator.

What is a voltage regulator?

A voltage regulator is a fairly simple device. It takes an higher input voltage and converts it to a lower output voltage. In essence, it’s converting voltage. This allows the lower voltage to be more stable with a higher amount always in reserve behind it. Think of it as a water reservoir. You only need a little bit of water at a time in your home. The reservoir has much more water, but you don’t need it all at once. It also provides more pressure to allow it to god though all the pipes and get to your house. Pressure, in electrical terms in called Voltage. The size of the pipe would be called Amps. So all you need is a little pipe with a little pressure, but you will always have enough ready to go and keep the gauge cluster functional and operating properly. If you don’t have enough voltage then the gauge cluster in your Scirocco will not operate and you will have inaccurate readings on the gauges

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