Genuine VW Butt Connector – Non-Insulated


Genuine VW Butt Connector Non-Insulated

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These are Genuine VW Butt Connector – Non-Insulated. These are designed to splice harness wire together. Requires shrink tube to insulate wires. For example, use marine grade shrink tube with glue inside to fully seal any wires you are slicing together. Furthermore, these will repair harness wires for headlights, cooling fans, switches, relays, fuel pump, and pretty much every electrical connector that clips into a female connector. Additionally, these wire connectors crimp the insulation preventing them from pulling off and ensuring a very strong crimp. You will know that your connections will never pull apart, just like a new OEM harness.

*Requires these type of open barrel crimping tool.

The VW Butt Connector require a special crimping tool. However in a pinch, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to crimp them as well. It’s better to use these inexpensive crimers to get the best crimp and a very professional crimp. The Genuine VW tool is hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But you can find aftermarket crimpers onlineĀ for around $20-$30

Splices Wire Size:
1-2.6mm wire thickness

Part Number: 000 979 941 /000979941

The Genuine VW Butt Connector for your VW Scirocco will ensure optimal performance and safety. These connectors are specifically designed to fit their vehicle, which ensures a perfect and secure connection every time. By using genuine VW parts, your can be confident in the quality and durability of the connectors, reducing the risk of electrical issues or malfunctions. Additionally, genuine VW Butt Connectors meet the high standards set by Volkswagen, providing peace of mind and reliability. Investing in authentic parts like these will help maintain the integrity of your Volkswagen Scirocco and preserve its value over time. These will also help determine whether you have a wiring or connector problem or an actual component problem.

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