Mk1 Scirocco Fuel Tank


Mk1 Scirocco Fuel Tank

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Mk1 Scirocco Fuel Tank

WCR Mk1 Scirocco Fuel Tank is a refinished brand new tank, in the box ready to install. We take these brand new tanks and strip off all the coating. These tanks arrive to us raw with cosmoline or a very thin coat of paint. We degrease and strip any coatings the tanks come with. Then we spray with a anti-corrosion treatment to prevent corrosion under the powder. Additionally, this anti rust coating will promote powder coating adhesion. Next, we mask all the contact surfaces that have seals or gaskets on the tank*. Lastly, we shoot a thick coat of corrosion resistant powder coat over the entire exterior.

After the coating process is complete, we pack the tanks with a minimum of 1″ of foam to prevent any damage in shipping. Then, we shrinkwrap the foam, put it back into the box, and shrink wrap that. Optional shipping insurance is available as well.

Our tanks are refinished to represent the finest OEM finish for your Scirocco‘s concourse restoration. Due to all the additional prep and anti-corrosion finishing, our tanks will last at least 3-5x longer than any tank on off the shelf. Guaranteed.

* Comes with new ink tank¬†sending unit o’ring seal – Part No.: 113 919 131 A / 113919131A – 54mm ID x 4mm Thick O’Ring
**Does not include heat shields, mounting straps, filler neck hose, or hardware.

Mk1 & Mk2 Fuel Tank Mounting Strap: 171 201 651 A / 171201651A

Powder coated gloss black.

Randy's Scirocco Restoration

Randy’s 1979 Mk1 Scirocco – During the Restoration Process

Replaces Part No:
171 201 075 / 171201075
171 201 075 Q / 171201075Q

Fits Mk1 Scirocco Only.

Also fits the following vehicles:

Volkswagen Atlantic

year vehicle attributes Quantity position part description
1982 A1 1
1983 A1 1
1984 A1 1

Volkswagen Jetta

year vehicle attributes Quantity position part description
1981 DIESEL 1
1982 DIESEL 1
1983 DIESEL 1
1984 DIESEL 1

Volkswagen Rabbit

year vehicle attributes Quantity position part description
1977 1
1978 1
1979 1

Volkswagen Scirocco

year vehicle attributes Quantity position part description
1977 1
1978 1
1979 1
1980 1
1981 1


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 9 in

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