Genuine VW – CIS A/F Adjuster Plug


Genuine VW – CIS A/F Adjuster Plug

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WRC now has access to these extremely rare Genuine VW CIS A/F Adjuster Plug. These are extremely difficult to find and will add that little detail to you project that is a MUST.

You should consider purchasing this extremely rare Bosch CIS Plug for your VW Scirocco for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, this specialized plug is designed to ensure the precise adjustment will not get dirt inside. The air-fuel mixture in the Continuous Injection System (CIS), a crucial component of your car’s engine. With the correct adjustment, you can optimize fuel efficiency and performance, potentially improving both power delivery and fuel economy.

Secondly, due to its rarity, owning this CIS A/F Adjuster Plug can be a valuable addition to your VW Scirocco. Not only does it serve a practical function in maintaining your car’s engine health, but it also holds historical significance as a tool specific to certain models or production years of the Scirocco.

Furthermore, investing in this rare part may save you time and money in the long run. By being able to seal the air-fuel ratio port, you can potentially avoid costly visits to the mechanic for similar adjustments. Additionally, having the CIS A/F Adjuster Plug on hand allows you to access the adjuster more efficiently, ensuring that your VW Scirocco remains in peak condition for years to come.

In conclusion, the purchase of the extremely rare CIS A/F Adjuster Plug for your VW Scirocco is a prudent decision. This will enhance your car’s restoration. It will also add value to your Scirocco, guarenteed. It will also help with future maintenance when needing to access this adjuster. Consider this unique opportunity to elevate your driving experience and preserve the legacy of your beloved Scirocco.


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