020 CV Flange Seal Kit


020 CV Flange Seal Kit*

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020 CV Flange Seal Kit*

These 020 CV Flange Seal Kit are for resealing your manual transmission CV output flanges. These are genuine OES Bilstein seals. These are known to leak and if your transmission is leaking, it’s highly probable that these are leaking on your transmission.

Seal kit comes with the differential output shaft seal, circlip and cap seal. Fits all Mk1 & Mk2 020 Transmission. New Style 8v 90mm & 16v 100mm Flanges. Measures 50mm ID, 65mm OD, and 10mm tall. Make sure you measure and/or inspect your vehicle before ordering. Rule of thumb, if you have a green seal sleeve around the flange, you have the new stype. For example, early Mk1 w/ 90mm flanges use a different seal. All the info you need for this is located on Broke VWs website

Additional Parts

You may also want to think about replacing the green seal sleeve. These are also known to leak, but not as likely. Additionally, since your doing this repair, you might as well replace these at the same time.


When installing the seal or the sleeve, it’s a good idea to use a very very thin coat of RTV silicone on the outside of the seal / outside of the sleeve. Furthermore, this will prevent the seal or sleeve from leaking if there are any irregular surfaces.

Replaces Part No:

  • #15 – Snap Ring: 020 409 297 / 020409297
  • #16 – Cap: 020 409 289 B / 020409289B
  • #27 – Repair Kit: 020 498 085 G / 020498085G
    (does not include flange or spring)

Qty 1 = 1 Kit – If both sides are leaking you need a Qty of 2 kits.

*NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A VW SPECIAL TOOL ‘VW 201’TO INSTALL THE CV FLANGES AFTER THEY ARE REMOVED. The flanges are spring loaded and you WILL mess up your differential if you attempt to install it withoutĀ this too.


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