Fuel Gas Cap – 1980 to 1981 Only


Fuel Gas Cap – 1980-1981

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Fuel Gas Cap – 1980-1981

Fuel Gas Cap 171201551

Fuel Gas Cap 171201551

These Mk1 Scirocco, non-locking fuel gas cap is made in house with our 3d printing technology. The cap prints in polycarbonate carbon fiber and is safe for fuel. Furthermore, the polyurethane seal is also included and fuel rated as well.Ā  Additionally the cap has the exact same look, texture and functionality as the OEM cap.

NOTE: Check your cap before ordering. This cap fitsd 1980 & 1981 Sciroccos Only. It also fits a few other VWs like Mk1 Jetta. Does not fit Early Mk1 or Mk2 Scirocco These only fit filler necks with the part number of 531201109B – The Jetta Part No may be slightly different.

Replaces Part Number: 171 201 551 / 171201551

Why you should get a new cap?

Purchasing a new VW fuel gas cap for your VW Scirocco is a wise decision with several benefits. Firstly, a fuel cap serves as a vital component in maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s fuel system. A new cap ensures a proper seal, preventing fuel evaporation and contamination, which can lead to reduced fuel efficiency and potential engine issues. By replacing your old gas cap with a new one, you can safeguard the fuel system’s efficiency and performance.

Secondly, a new VW gas cap can enhance the overall aesthetics of your VW Scirocco. Over time, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear can cause the old cap to appear worn and tarnished. By installing a shiny, new gas cap, you can give your vehicle a refreshed and well-maintained look, adding to its visual appeal.

Furthermore, investing in a new cap is a cost-effective preventative measure. These rare caps are very hard to find and as far as we know, the only ones available on the market. A faulty or loose gas cap can trigger the check engine light and lead to failed emissions tests. By proactively replacing it, you can avoid potential repair costs and ensure your VW Scirocco stays running smoothly and efficiently.

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