Scirocco European Bumpers

Our Mk1 Scirocco European Bumpers are used units that are reconditioned and refurbished in house. We disassemble the entire bumper, chemically strip the rebar and brackets. After this, we coat with a rust inhibitor agent, then powder coat them the OEM colors. Silver rebar and satin black bracket.

Bumpers being restored – White paint mask to protect from texture.

The ABS plastic bumper covers are repaired if there are any dents, scratches or dings. We plastic weld any cracks or areas that are too deep to sand out. After this, we use our proprietary process to prep, texture and spray them a satin black. Right back to factory colors.

Kit comes with both front and rear plastic Mk1 Scirocco European bumpers. Contact us if you are looking for just a front and rear as sometimes we have an extra in stock.

Part numbers are as followed – Front – 531807821 / 531 807 821 / Rear – 531807824 / 531 807 824

Powder coated silver rebars

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