Canada Rocc – Part 2 – Buffing & 3D Printing

Buffing Canada Rocc started early this week. The paint had burned marks from the previous owner but over all the paint looks pretty amazing considering how it arrived at the shop. We used Meguiars Ultra Cut 105 compound, then buffed with Meguiars Mirror Glaze 205 compound. We still need to do a Meguiars Mirror Glaze 3 compound buff on it, but it’s off to a really good start.

We also needed to address some of the parts that are either missing, hard to find or no longer available. I started drawing the missing parts in Fusion 360 CAD. I then 3D printing parts on our Any Cubic Photon 3d resin printer. I printed some mirror adjusting knobs, badge retainer clips and some bumper trim tests. The bumper trim is no longer available and we are talking to a company to have them remanufactured in black and red.Ā Ā 

Stay tuned for more updates on this project and products. Coming up in future posts: Upholstery repair, B Pillar prep & decal install, 2.25″ Techtonics Tuning exhaust and engine maintenance.

B Pillar Restoration

BBS RS Wheels

Upholstery Repair


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